Brian Brown

Legendary Melbourne Jazz Improviser



Australian Music Centre

The Australian music centre is publishing an educational resource based on the life and music of Brian Brown called "Moving On". This work takes young people on a journey through the creative genius of Brian and helps them explore some of the classic motifs he has written, such as Wildflowers. Lovingly written by Lorraine Milne, The intention of this resource kit is to explore Brown’s legacy to Australian jazz by examining different aspects of selected compositions such as:

  • styles and eras of jazz which influenced his music
  • the use of particular modes and harmonic structures
  • the use of groove-based riffs, shifting time signatures, chord clusters
  • the exploration of texture and timbre of unusual instruments
  • free improvisation
For further information and to order, visit the Australian Music Centre Website

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Brian Brown Recording Studio continues the legacy of a visionary Australian artist - The Age - April 9th 2015

This article appeared in The Age, commenting on the launch of the new recording studio at the Victorian College of the Arts, opened by the current Minister of the Arts, Martin Foley read more

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Australian Jazz Real Book - Brian Brown's Profile

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